Media Arts


M.A. in Media Arts

Whether you're just graduating or a seasoned professional, this 36-credit degree offers the tools you'll need to compete and succeed in a wide range of writing, design, production, creative and media careers.

The program is notable for its 50/50 blend of production and theory courses within six Areas of Concentration:


  1. Audio Production (Music Production, Sound Design, Sound for Vision
  2. Computer Graphics Imaging (Animation, Web Design, Interactive)
  3. Film and Video Production (Directing, Editing, Performance)
  4. Media Management (Development, Producing, Marketing)
  5. Photography (Traditional, Digital, Experimental)
  6. Screenwriting (TV, Film, Interactive)


This integrated approach to media arts equips students and professionals with the necessary skills and knowledge to develop and evolve in the face of shifting and convergent technologies.

Students have access to extensive media facilities such as: multiplatform and networked computer labs with production grade workstations for CG and animation; a multi-cam TV studio; digital video labs and editing bays; digital audio and MIDI labs with a full recording studio; wet and digital photo labs; large format printers; cameras and assorted media peripherals, large theatrical screening spaces; 3 campus-based galleries for exhibitions; and smart classrooms. 


Richard L. Conolly
College of Liberals Arts & Sciences

Scott Krawczyk, Dean