B.A. in History

The 128-credit B.A. in History provides students with the knowledge and intellectual power that allow them to pursue multiple career paths. For example, this program can lead to fulfilling and successful careers in elementary, secondary and college teaching; law; journalism; archival and museum work; public and business history; and local and national history. History majors are encouraged to develop specific career objectives while pursuing undergraduate studies. Faculty mentors will assist students in exploring career possibilities and in devising a personalized plan of study that will best prepare them for their career goals.

Students preparing to teach on the secondary school level should consult the Teaching and Learning section for additional requirements.

Graduation Requirements

Students must satisfy the Placement, Proficiency, Orientation and Core Curriculum criteria outlined in the Graduation Requirements section of this bulletin.

Core curriculum requirements for this major are summarized below:
Core Seminar 3 credits
English Composition 3 credits
English Literature 6 credits
Philosophy 6 credits
Foreign Language 6 credits
Social Sciences
History 6 credits
Social Sciences (ANT, ECO, POL, PSY, SOC) 6 credits
Science and Mathematics
Mathematics 3 - 4 credits
Sciences (BIO, CHM, PHY) 10 credits
Communication, Visual & Performing Arts
Speech 3 credits
Visual & Performing Arts (ART, DNC, MUS, THE) 3 credits

Distribution Requirement
To satisfy this requirement, students must complete two courses numbered 100 or above in one of the following subjects: economics, political science, psychology, sociology, anthropology.

Major Requirements
The following courses are required.
HIS 100 The American Experience 3.00
HIS 108 The United States in the Twentieth Century 3.00
Two courses from the following are required.
HIS 120 The Middle Ages 3.00
HIS 124 The Beginnings of the Modern World 3.00
HIS 125 The Western Impact on the World 1789-1914 3.00
HIS 126 European Civilization in the Twentieth Century 3.00
Two courses from the following are required.
HIS 141 The Ancient World 3.00
HIS 144 East Asia: The Modern Period 3.00
HIS 157 History of Latin America 3.00
HIS 159 History of the Contemporary World 3.00
  • Four (4) additional advanced (above 100 level) History courses are required.
  • One (1) course from the Social Science 223, 224 series is required.
Credit and GPA Requirements
  • Minimum Total Credits: 128
  • Minimum Liberal Arts & Sciences Credits: 96
  • Minimum Major Credits: (including HIS core) 36
  • Minimum Credits in Courses > 100 Level: 48
  • Distribution Requirement: see above
  • Minimum Major GPA: 2.0
  • Minimum Overall GPA: 2.0


Richard L. Conolly
College of Liberals Arts & Sciences

Scott Krawczyk, Dean