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Nicolás Agrait

Assistant Professor

B. A., Yale UniversityM.A., Fordham University Ph.D., Fordham University


Professor Agrait is a specialist in medieval Spain, specifically the kingdom of Castile in the fourteenth and fifteenth centuries. His dissertation and subsequent research has focused on military practice and institutions in Castile during the first half of the fourteenth century.


Western Civilization, Medieval Europe, Medieval Spain, Military History


  • Author, “The Castilian Navy During the Reign of Alfonso XI (1312-50),” chap. in The Emergence of León-Castile. Essays Presented to J.F. O’Callaghan (Forthcoming, January 2015)
  • Author, “El asta de la lanza: los mecanismos de financiación de la guerra durante el reinado de Alfonso XI (1312-50), published in Gladius; Revista de estudios sobre armas antiguas, armamento, arte militar y vida cultural en oriente y occidente
  • Author, The Battle of Salado (1340), Revisited, published in the Journal of Medieval Military History
  • Author, Castilian Military Reform Under the Reign of Alfonso XI (1312-50), The Journal of Medieval Military History
  • Author, The Experience of War in Fourteenth-Century Spain: Alfonso XI and the Capture of Algeciras (1342-44), chap. in Crusaders, Condottieri and Cannon
  • Author, The Reconquest during Alfonso XI's Reign, 1312-1350, chap. in On the Social Origins of Medieval Institutions: Essays in Honor of Joseph F. O'Callaghan