Learning Center for Educators & Families

Learning Center for Educators & Families

The Learning Center for Educators & Families (LCEF) is the off-campus extension of Long Island University’s Brooklyn Campus School of Education. LCEF provides a supportive environment for prospective and practicing teachers, which allows them to hone their skills. In service of these aims, LCEF provides meeting space for the School of Education faculty and for groups of teachers from the NYC schools to collaborate and work on various projects together.

The classrooms at LCEF are used exclusively by education faculty members, so they can create positive learning environments, which can be replicated in the classrooms of the teachers and the future classrooms of the pre-service teachers. The faculty work to make it a place where theory and what it means to become a teacher converge with practice in a supportive risk-free environment. The students engage in inquiry-based study in the reading, science, math and social studies methods classes that meet at LCEF.

LCEF has a state of the art computer lab as well as Smart Boards thus enabling faculty and students to use technology in a meaningful way in their own studies as well as developing relevant curriculum for their own classrooms.

The Family University (FUN) After School Program for the children of Long Island University’s Brooklyn Campus students is housed at LCEF and provides a setting for teacher education students to see creative arts and community building activities in action. It is used as a fieldwork site for students in education, social work, music and art departments. The children’s presence in the building alongside the teacher education students serves as a reminder that theory and practice can be integrated.

For more information contact:

Charlotte Marchant, Director
Learning Center for Educators & Families
9 Hanover Place, 3rd Floor
(between Fulton & Livingston Streets)
Brooklyn, NY 11201


School of Education
LLC 2nd Floor
Dr. Amy Ginsberg, Dean

Shinelle Romeo-Walcott
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