Writing & Speech

Do you need to brush up on your grammar and writing skills? Are they hindering your educational or professional success? Let better English work for you at school and on the job. These classes are ideal for both ESL and non ESL students.

How English Works: Structure
This class teaches the nuts and bolts of grammar, allowing you to repair errors such as: subject verb agreement, faulty tense usage, negation and homonym mistakes among others.

How English Works: Writing for College
Learn how to develop topic sentences, introductions, main bodies and conclusions for academic essays, addressing common errors including organizational problems, vagueness, repetition and faulty punctuation.

How English Works: Writing on the Job
This class emphasizes clear and concise communication skills in e-mails, memos and reports.

How English Works: Spoken Expression
Learn how to make a positive impression when giving oral presentations. The course addresses common errors made in pronouncing Standard English.

For more intensive English language study please go to the English Language Institute.

To Apply to the Writing & Speech Program
Please fill out the application form in Registration and submit.


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