Eva Feindler, Ph.D., Director of the Clinical Psychology Doctoral Program

  • Interventions with High-Risk Families Concentration Coordinator
  • Gender Studies Coordinator

Marc Diener, Ph.D.

  • Faculty Lab: Psychodynamic Process Lab
  • Assessment & Treatment for Substance Use Disorders Concentration Coordinator

Geoff Goodman, Ph.D., ABPP

  • Applied Child Lab

Robert H. Keisner, Ph.D.

  • Climate Change Lab
  • PsySR Faculty Advisor (Psychologists for Social Responsibility)
  • SafeZone Faculty Advisor

Danielle Knafo, Ph.D.

  • Serious Mental Illness Concentration Coordinator

Camilo Ortiz, Ph.D., Co-Director of Clinical Training

  • Students for Multicultural Awareness in Research & Training Advisor

Jill Rathus, Ph.D.

  • Dialectical Behavior Therapy (DBT) Lab
  • DBT Concentration Coordinator

Hilary Vidair, Ph.D., Co-Director of Clinical Training

       Family Check-In Lab

2015-2016 Faculty Research Projects
Diversity in Qualitative Research
Subjectivity in Qualitative Research
Examples of Recent Qualitative Research Dissertations
NUMC Research Collaboration Team
Parent anger assessment and management
Development of theoretical orientation in clinical psychology trainees
Assessment of Child Suicide Risk
Psychometric Evaluation of the Revised Life Problems Inventory
Training and Implementation of DBT
Evaluating the Effectiveness of Individual DBT Skills
Parenting and DBT
Assessing adolescent commitment to treatment
Teaching graduate students Suicide and Crisis Management: A Randomized Controlled Trial of Training Strategies and Outcomes
Technology and sexuality/perversions. Ways technology is changing our relational lives. Dehumanization of people and humanization of devices
Trauma counseling in the Orthodox Jewish community. What do rabbis say and do when consulting trauma?
Mortality anxiety in new mothers.
Pick up artists’ Internet communities.
Risk and resilience in preschool and prepubertal caregiver-child attachment
Child and adult psychotherapy process
Cross-cultural relations between play and emergent literacy in preschool children
Personality organization in borderline personality disorder and sex addiction
Grief, Meaning-Making and Trauma in Children, Adolescents & Adults
Rituals, Art and Memorials following Traumatic Exposure
School, Community & First Responder Recovery & Resilience after Disasters
International Consultations with at-risk Traumatized Populations (e.g. refugees, people living in poverty)  & their Counselors
Family Check In: Engaging Underserved Families of Young Children Into Treatment
Assessing parental cognitions in parent-child interactions using video-mediated recall
Peer training models for learning evidence-based treatment techniques
Students' experiences conducting dissertation research in applied doctoral programs
Psychodynamic therapy for substance use disorders: A meta-analytic review
HIV-prevention efficacy for college students: A meta-analysis
Experimental emotional disclosure for trauma victims: A meta-analysis
Therapeutic Alliance and Stages of Change with Sexual Offenders in Therapy
Disruptive behavior in children
Parent training
Bedtime resistance


Orly Calderon, PsyD
Nancy Frye, Ph.D.
Grace C. Rossi, Ph.D.


Lewis Aron, Ph.D.

Thomas P. Demaria
, Ph.D., Director Psychological Services Center
Trauma Team Faculty Advisor

Robert Farrell, Ph.D.

Suzanne B. Phillips
, Psy.D.

David Roll
, Ph.D., BCBS


Pamela L. Gustafson, M.A., Assistant Director

Cathy Kudlack, Psychological Services Center Coordinator


College of Liberal Arts & Sciences
Nathaniel Bowditch, Dean

Joan Ruckel
Executive Assistant to the Dean