Theatre Arts

B.F.A. in Theater Arts (Musical Theatre)

The Bachelor of Fine Arts in Theater Arts with a concentration in Musical Theatre provides personalized and intensive classroom instruction and stage experience to prepare students for performance careers in Musical Theatre. Students receive a rigorous grounding in history, literature, theories and methodologies of classical and contemporary theatre arts, and work with professional musicians, actors and playwrights. Students also have a variety of opportunities to perform in main stage productions directed by renowned New York City directors. The 120-credit program is highly selective, admitting 20 to 30 students each year.

The musical theatre concentration draws from the Suzuki, Stanislavsky, Chekhov and Linklater techniques with concentrated study in techniques and approaches to musical theatre. The core program, taught by professional theatre artists, emphasizes development of a riveting stage presence based on dynamic physicality, emotional authenticity and a commanding voice. Students receive individual and ensemble training in television and film acting, singing and dancing from artists of national and international renown. The program culminates at the end of the senior year, when students showcase their talent before agents, managers and directors in New York City.

This exciting program is coordinated with the Post Theatre Company, where students gain hands-on participation in all aspects of a working theatre company. Students gain a wider perspective through internships on and off campus, and have the opportunity to travel to festivals in the United States and abroad.

Students have access to excellent facilities to gain practical experience and showcase their talents.

Qualities That Set Our Program Apart

  • Physical acting training based on the Suzuki Method with an emphasis on building technique through movement, dance, voice, and speech training
  • Producing contemporary works in musical theatre with the Post Theatre Company; past productions include Bat Boy, Urinetown, Rocky Horror, Into the Woods
  • Main stage productions directed by professional New York City directors, public performances and collaborations with renowned New York City-based artists that offer networking opportunities and access to potential employers
  • Extensive internship offerings
  • A stellar roster of alumni working on Broadway and Off-Broadway, in American regional theatres, on national tours and in international venues and in films and TV programs including Memphis, Aida, "ER" and "Six Feet Under."
  • Training in all areas of the industry - stage, film, television, and more.

About the Field

The B.F.A. in Theatre Arts: Musical Theatre can lead to rewarding careers in musical theatre performance as well as stage and screen acting and work in related fields such as playwriting, directing, stage management, costume design, lighting design, make-up artistry, set design and much more. The Musical Theatre concentration particularly prepares graduates for careers as lead performers in musicals and cabaret or to pursue graduate study for careers as acting teachers and coaches.

Beyond working with acclaimed performers and instructors on and off campus, students at LIU Post gain outstanding direction and leads through LIU Post’s offices of Cooperative Education and Career Services. Career counselors in the LIU Post Division for Student Success meet with students one-to-one to discuss career options in theatre arts, including those best suited to graduates of the Musical Theatre concentration.

Admission Requirements
  • Incoming freshmen must have a solid B average (3.0 grade point average or 82 to 85) and an average SAT of 1000 (Math & Critical Reading combined) or ACT Composite of 20 or above.
  • Transfer students must have completed more than 24 college credits. A minimum college GPA of 2.5 is required for application review. If you have completed fewer than 24 credits, you must also submit high school transcripts and SAT/ACT scores.
Additional Admission Requirements

Students must have an interview and audition for admission to the B.F.A. in Theatre Arts: Musical Theatre program. Applicants will be notified of departmental admissions decisions by the early spring. Mid-year transfer students are contacted individually. All B.F.A. candidates must maintain a 3.0 grade point average in the major.


To audition for the Theatre Arts - Musical Theatre Program:

  • Apply to LIU Post at
  • Call 516-299-2353 to schedule an audition slot. Total audition time is 3 minutes.
  • Prepare one short monologue and 16 bars of a song.
  • Submit a headshot and résumé at the audition.

Auditions for admission into the B.F.A. Theatre Arts Musical Theatre Program are held in the Theatre, Dance & Arts Management Department and at multiple locations in the United States.

Auditions Information

Auditions for Post Theatre Company Productions

Auditions for the season productions are open to all theatre majors and are held in the Little Theatre on Mainstage unless otherwise posted. Check the callboard in the Theatre and Dance Building for audition requirements and sign-up sheets.

Core Requirements
In addition to all major requirements, students pursuing the B.F.A. in Theatre Arts must satisfy all core curriculum requirements as follows:
POST 101 1 credit
First-Year Composition 6 credits (ENG 1 and THE 141)
Economics/Political Science 6 credits
Fine Arts 3 credits (DNC 1)
History/Philosophy 6 credits
Laboratory Science 4 credits
Language/Literature 6 credits (THE 142)
Mathematics 3 - 4 credits
Social Sciences 6 credits
For a more detailed listing of these requirements, see the Core Curriculum section of the LIU Post Undergraduate Bulletin.

Major Requirements
Required Introductory Theatre Arts Courses (6 credits)
THE 104 Technical Theater Practices 1 3.00
THE 105 Technical Theater Practices 2 3.00
Required Theatrical History and Literature Courses
THE 141 and THE 142 are considered Liberal Arts Credits. THE 141 satisfies Core ENG 2 Composition (3 credits) and THE 142 satisfies Core Languate/Literature (3 credits)
THE 101 Introduction to Drama 3.00
THE 141 Classical Theatre History 3.00
THE 142 Modern Theatre History 3.00
Required Theatre Production Laboratory Courses (4 credits)
Four credits from any of the following:
THE 239 Production Laboratory 1.00
THE 240 Production Laboratory 1.00
THE 534 Production Laboratory 1.00
THE 536 Production Laboratory 1.00
Required Theatre Contract Courses
THE 204 Department Contract 1 0.00
THE 205 Department Contract 2 0.00
Six courses from the following:
THE 201 Department Contract 3 0.00
THE 202 Department Contract 4 0.00

Musical Theatre Concentration Requirements
Required Acting Courses (21 credits)
THE 121 Basic Acting I 3.00
THE 122 Basic Acting II 3.00
THE 123 Intermediate Acting I 3.00
THE 124 Intermediate Acting II 3.00
THE 125 Advanced Acting I 3.00
THE 126 Advanced Acting II 3.00
THE 192 Senior Acting Seminar 3.00
Required Additional Theatre History and Literature Courses (3 credits)
THE 148 The History of American Musical 3.00
Required Additional Theatre Arts and Techniques Courses (21 credits)
THE 131 Directing I 3.00
THE 151 Beginning Suzuki Technique 3.00
THE 152 Professional Skills: The Business of Acting 3.00
THE 166 Beginning Speech 3.00
THE 167 Beginning Voice 3.00
THE 168 Advanced Voice and Speech 3.00
THE 542 Advanced Suzuki 3.00
Six credits of the following:
THE 180 Contemporary Musical Theatre Seminar 3.00
THE 195 Musical Theatre Seminar II 3.00
Required Theatre, Music, Dance, Voice Jury Courses (8 credits)
Eight credits of the following:
MUS 88A-2 Voice Lessons 1.00
Dance Electives 7 credits.
3.00 Major GPA is required

Credit and GPA Requirements
Minimum Total Credits: 120
Minimum Liberal Arts Credits: 36
Minimum Major Credits: 84
Minimum Overall GPA: 2.00
Minimum Major GPA: 2.00


College of Arts, Communications & Design
Steven Breese, Dean