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Rita Johnson, Spanish Education, Class 2012Rita Johnson

Spanish Education
Class of 2012

Rita Johnson had been working in the field of information technology for more than 15 years when she was laid off from her job at a major financial institution in 2009. She pivoted to a new career – one that interests her and offers ample employment opportunity.

“As the mom to a young son, I had always thought about becoming a teacher,” she said, “but it was never the right time.” After being laid off, she enrolled in the Master of Science in Spanish Education at LIU Post. Johnson began student-teaching at a local high school in September, and is set to graduate from the master’s degree program in January 2012. “I'm really prepared to teach,” she said. “My professors offered me guidance and feedback and are role models to look up to. I want to inspire my students the way they inspired me.”