Purchase Community

Purchase Pathways: LIU Hudson Offers 25% Tuition Reduction, Early Admission, and More for the Purchase Community

Purchase College students, alumni, and full-time employees can choose one of the following pathways to continue their education at LIU Hudson, conveniently located on the Purchase campus:

  • Purchase Community Scholarship: 25% tuition reduction for Purchase graduates and current full-time employees. Programs include: Business Administration and Public Administration; Counseling, Psychology, and Therapy; Teacher Education; Cosmetic Science; and Pharmaceutics (Industrial Pharmacy or Cosmetic Science). For general information or academic guidance from one of our faculty, contact Dr. Lea Rutmanowitz at or 914-831-2728.
  • LIU Hudson Fast Track: Purchase College juniors have a remarkable opportunity to earn their graduate degree sooner and save more. If they apply to and are accepted by LIU Hudson during their junior year, they can earn up to six graduate credits at LIU Hudson during their senior year. They’ll receive a tuition discount of 50% on those six credits, plus Purchase College will apply those credits toward their undergraduate degree.
  • LIU Hudson Fast Track Plus: Students in the Fast Track program can complete select Master’s degrees in just one year after graduation from Purchase, to receive their Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees in just five years. 

Faculty Guidance

In recognition of the close relationship between Purchase and LIUH, Purchase students, alumni, and full-time employees receive special, personalized academic and career advice and application support from LIU Hudson Program Directors.

Visit LIU Hudson in the lower level of the Dance Building on the Purchase campus, or contact one of the Program Directors below for information about curriculum, admission requirements, and other questions:

Teacher Education

Dr. Rebecca Rich:

Counseling, Psychology, and Therapy

Mary Beth Leggett:

Business Administration and Public Administration

Dr. Lea Rutmanowitz:

Cosmetic Science and Industrial Pharmacy (Pharmaceutics)

Dr. Mahendra Dedhiya:

Educational Leadership (Teaching experience and initial state certification required)

Prof. Elaine Geller (West of Hudson River): or Dr. Joan Weber (East of Hudson River):