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LIU Riverhead
121 Speonk Riverhead Road
Long Island University Building
Riverhead, NY 11901-3499

Phone: 631-287-8010
Fax: 631-287-8253
E-mail: riverhead@liu.edu

Facebook : Facebook.com/LIUatRiverhead
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The administrative offices of LIU Riverhead serve to facilitate the efficiency and effectiveness of campus programs and services and to ensure the University's mission of access and excellence for all students. The Chief of Regionals serves as the head administrative officer for the campus and is responsible for campus operations, policy development and strategic direction, academic initiatives, admissions and recruitment, retention, financial aid, student services, public safety, and communications. Supporting the Chief of Regionals are the associate dean and administrative and academic directors.

Jean Conroy, B.S., M.A., M.S.
Associate Dean
Phone: 631-287-8301
Email: jean.conroy@liu.edu

Erica Pecorale, B.S., M.S., M.S., Ed.D
Director of Education; Assistant Professor
Phone: 631-287-8495
Email: erica.pecorale@liu.edu

Vincent E. Henry, CPP, PhD
Director of HSMI
Email: vincent.henry@liu.edu

Leon Hubbard, B.A.
Technical Support Specialist
Phone: 631-287-5811
E-mail: leon.hubbard@liu.edu

Ines Seifert, B.S.
Student Services Assistant
Phone: 631-287-8318
E-mail: ines.seifert@liu.edu

Andrea Mojica, M.S.
Director of Financial Aid
Phone: 631-287-8510
E-mail: andrea.mojica@liu.edu

Ozzie Muren, B.A.
Associate Director of Enrollment Management
Phone: 631-287-8326
Email: ozzie.muren@liu.edu