Career Opportunities

Homeland Security Employment

Homeland Security is among the nation's leading growth sectors, with employment in all areas of the Homeland Security field expected to continue to rapidly expand through the coming decade. Many state and local Law Enforcement agencies also continue to shift their existing personnel and resources toward the collection and analysis of crime and terrorism intelligence, as well as toward the specialized fields of counter-terrorism planning, preparation, and response. In the coming years, a significant number of additional personnel and other resources will be required as state and local law enforcement agencies assume a greater share of the national responsibility for Homeland Security functions. Tremendous demand exists - and will continue to exist - for skilled intelligence analysts, policy analysts, managers, translators, trainers, and technical experts within the ranks of sworn officers and investigators as well as in civilian job titles. An emerging area of particular need is for managers in cyber security fields.

Law enforcement agencies at the federal level also show signs of similarly rapid growth, especially in specialized Homeland Security and intelligence fields. The FBI, the Border Patrol, the Secret Service, the Transportation Security Administration and other federal law enforcement entities have dramatically expanded and enhanced their Homeland Security posture, and all are actively seeking skilled managers and professionals for investigative and analytical positions. Similarly, agencies within the US Intelligence Community need large numbers of analysts and technical specialists as well as operatives. 

Specialists in Emergency Management are also needed at the federal, state and local levels. The growth of the Emergency Management profession is closely related to the growth of the Homeland Security profession, and career opportunities are increasing for skilled professionals and managers within the fields of Fire Fighting and Emergency Medical Services, public health management, Hazardous Materials handling, and various environmental and geographic sciences. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, demand for Emergency Managers is expected to grow, with professionals earning an average salary of nearly $80,000 per year.