Why Choose the Homeland Security Management Institute?


The Homeland Security Management Institute (HSMI) offers a 30-credit Master of Science degree in Homeland Security Management, a 15- credit Advanced Certificate in Homeland Security Management and a 15-credit Advanced Certificates in Cyber Security Policy, all delivered fully online. The 15 credits of either Advanced Certificate program form the core curriculum of the Master of Science in Homeland Security Management, permitting qualified students completing the Advanced Certificate to continue their studies and earn both the Advanced Certificate and the Master's degree without any loss of credit.

The HSMI's dynamic and innovative approach to graduate professional education is unique in the nation. No other program offers the opportunity to learn homeland security management with a faculty comprised entirely of seasoned professionals with impeccable academic credentials. The online approach to learning permits working professionals the kind of flexibility their busy schedules demand. The Homeland Security Management Institute's unwavering commitment to the highest academic and professional standards ensure a rigorous and academically challenging graduate education that is designed and delivered by professionals for professionals.


Our online program gives you the freedom to pursue the advanced certificate or master's degree in homeland security based on your individual needs. Through the Blackboard learning platform, you log into a secure class website and participate in threaded discussion board dialogues and complete other course requirements at any time of the day or night. The fully online courses are asynchronous; students are never required to be online at a particular time or to be physically present at any particular place. It offers the kind of scheduling flexibility that is absolutely essential for busy homeland security professionals.


In addition to being able to access all of LIU's online databases, HSMI students enjoy unrestricted access to the Homeland Security Digital Library through our academic partnership with the Naval Postgraduate School's renowned Center for Homeland Defense and Security.


Central to our success is our commitment to small classes and personal education. The average graduate class size is approximately 15 students to promote interaction and communication between students and faculty members as well as interaction between and among students.

Our small class sizes allow for the varied perspectives and experiences of our students who are drawn from a diverse range of professional and occupational specialties to provide a comprehensive and unsurpassed understanding of the breadth, depth and complexity of the nation's homeland security enterprise.


Students are also provided comprehensive academic support through our Blackboard Writing Lab and one-to-one academic advisement, financial support through Financial Aid and Scholarships, and technical support through tutorials, and phone support to help through any hurdles they may encounter.


Homeland Security is among the nation's leading growth sectors, with employment in all areas of the field expected to rapidly expand. In the coming years, a significant number of additional personnel and other resources will be required as state and local law enforcement agencies assume a greater share of the national responsibility for homeland security functions. In this competitive employment market, the need for knowledgeable and highly skilled professionals who hold academic credentials in homeland security has never been higher, and the need will not diminish in the coming decade. HSMI students also have the unique opportunity for exclusive professional networking among our faculty of Senior Fellows and each other.


LIU's HSMI has been designated by Act of Congress as a Department of Homeland Security's National Transportation Security Center of Excellence. As one of seven academic institutes nationwide that constitute the Center of Excellence, the Institute continues to work closely with the U.S. Department of Homeland Security to develop new courses and resources.

The academic programs of the HSMI are registered with the New York State Department of Education and regionally accredited by the Commission of Higher Education of the Middle States Association of Colleges and Secondary Schools.