Faculty Appointment, Promotion & Tenure

Long Island University exists first and foremost for its students, and places its highest priority on providing them with a rich and educational environment in which to develop their minds and their character. The members of the faculty, therefore, are at the very core of our mission as an institution. It is their capacity to teach, to engage students as learners and to continue as learners themselves through their research and their artistic activities, that establishes the possibility of our educational community.

In this regard, membership within the faculty – from initial appointment to a lifelong University commitment in the form of tenure – requires a thorough and rigorous assessment of each faculty candidate. Our primary criteria for the assessment of faculty members relates their excellence as teachers, and their robust development as researchers and artists to their engagement within the University and within their respective fields. We employ informal and formal evaluation processes, relying principally but not exclusively, on the faculty themselves.

Should you have any questions, please call 516-299-2917.

LIU Faculty and Staff may consult all Brooklyn, Pharmacy, Post, and Regional annual ARPT, NTTA, Senior Professor, and Promotion and Tenure (ARPT) directives via Collective Bargaining Agreements located on the HR Labor Relations page; additionally, LIU ARPT calendars can be viewed here at liushare.liu.edu under “Academic Affairs” Home.