LIU Global/Global Academic Programs

The LIU Global/Global Academic Programs office provides support to the Office of the Vice President for Academic Affairs in the following areas: Identification of foreign universities that may have a potential interest in establishing cooperation agreements with LIU; Discussion and preparation of the actual MOUs and agreements that may be entered into as a result of the above; Liaising with the LIU International Admissions Office to help in its international recruitment efforts; Organizing meetings and visits with ambassadors, consuls and high-level foreign country representatives, with a view to increase better global awareness of LIU and of its academic programs.

The LIU Global/Global Academic Programs office is also responsible for: Serving as a contact point with the various United Nations programs that are geared to cooperation with academic entities; Serving as focal point for the "UN Pathways Video Conference Series," which allows students to interact directly with diplomats and other high level speakers from the UN; Coordinating a "Distinguished International Speakers Series" on the LIU campuses; Serving as advisor to the Model UN Conference organization at LIU Post; Coordinating a program of internships for LIU students in UN-related NGO offices in New York City. Information on the LIU Guidelines for the Development of International Cooperative Agreements can be found at under “Academic Affairs.”