Often, as part of your research or sponsored projects activity, PIs and institutions are asked to sign formal contracts with sponsors or third party potential/actual collaborators. Note that faculty members do not have the authority to sign any agreements that obligate the University in any way. The Office of Sponsored Projects (OSP) has limited authority to sign certain agreements, otherwise, all contracts are signed by LIU’s Chief Financial Officer (CFO) or President. Prior to signature, all contracts (including material transfer agreements, data use agreements, and non-disclosure agreements) must be reviewed and approved by LIU Legal Counsel. This process can take two weeks to a month depending on workload and the nature of the contract. Additional time may be needed if terms and conditions need to be negotiated between parties.

LIU’s Contract Application forms (CAP) should accompany all contracts that require LIU review and signature. Once a contract is deemed appropriate by the PI, the Statement of Work and contract documents should be sent to the Executive Director of OSP for review using the procedure below:
  1. For Material Transfer Agreements (MTAs), you must submit your initial request through the OSPPortal by completing the Material Transfer Agreement form.
  2. For all other agreements, the one-page CAP form must be signed off by originating faculty member and forwarded to OSP.
  3. OSP will review agreements and forward to Legal and/or other offices (if applicable) for their review.
  4. IT should review all agreement that involve the use of new electronic platforms or have other IT implications.
  5. Once all reviews are complete and the terms are negotiated, the agreement is cleared for signature by Legal Counsel. Pending the nature of the agreement, it is signed by either the CFO or OSP and then sent to the other party for counter signature.
  6. Once fully executed copies of contracts are received, the work associated with the contract can commence. OSP, Legal, Finance, and IT (if applicable) will retain fully executed copies of all contracts and the PI will receive a copy for their records.

Should you have any questions about the contracting process please contact Jared Littman, PhD, Executive Director of Sponsored Projects at with cc to

CAP form (one page) 

Research Development, Technology Transfer, Industry Agreements and International Memoranda of Understanding/Agreement

Collaboration in research and sponsored projects is increasingly commonplace, both with industry and among multiple partners engaged in complex, cross-border activities. Faculty and researchers often need to clarify roles, responsibilities in the conduct of joint and collaborative activities. Further, risk management and oversight of intellectual resources through technology development and transfer, is a priority for LIU. OSP oversees the process of establishing and maintaining new (international or domestic) partnerships that require institutional sign off. Faculty wishing to enter into Joint Activities internationally, with industry, or who are seeking to grow exchanges should contact Rick Nader at