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Joseph Dorinson

Professor of History

B.A., M.Phil., Columbia University


l85l East 26 Street Brooklyn
New York 11229-2437

Tel : 718-375-3278  (Home)
       718-488-1191  (Work)
Fax: 718-488-1086

Chairman (1985-1997) & Professor, History Department, Long Island University: Brooklyn Campus, 1 University Plaza, Brooklyn, N.Y., 11201.

Began work at LIU 9/66. Tenure granted 9/72.

Member, Community School Board #22, Brooklyn 1989-1996. Community Member, Community Planning Board #15, June 2010-present

President, Danforth Associates of New York 1986-1989

Formerly Assistant Dean, LIU School of Business, Director, Guided Studies, LIU, Lecturer, Kean College of New Jersey, Columbia College, Lehman College-CUNY, Borough of Manhattan Community College-CUNY, College of Staten Island, CUNY, St. Francis College of Brooklyn

Courses Taught: History of World Civilizations, Western Civilization, Surveys of American History, The Colonial Era in America, American Social History (introduced) History of Sports (introduced), History of Islam (introduced), City as Melting Pot (graduate), School & Society (graduate), Sociology, Anthropology, Political Science, Great Books (Colloquium), Social Science & Media (honors), Developmental Reading, Culture & Society in Humor (introduced), Psychohistory (introduced), Speech,Sociology of Communication, Urban Politics (graduate), History of New York City (graduate), The President and the Indian (capstone), The Monkey (interdisciplinary), War & Peace, Primates and Us (experimental interdisciplinary course: History and Anthropology), Film & History (capstone), Political Humor (capstone), The Holocaust (introduced), The 1960s (introduced), The Great Depression and World War II: History on Film.


Chair, Writing Across the Curriculum, Chair, Athletic Policies, University Faculty Senate, Treasurer & Executive Board, Faculty Union, AFT Local 3998, Judicial Review, Faculty Elections, Writing Across the Curriculum Task Force, Newton Awards


African-American Sports Heroes, Brooklyn, Humor Studies, Jewish History, Popular Culture, Russian Immigration, Sports History


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  • Co-author with Wang Zhen, “Seventy Years Later; China-USA Relations,” Jiefang Daily (Dec. 8. 2015)

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    Book Reviews: 

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Lectures and Presentations

Conference Director: “Jackie Robinson: Race, Sports, and the American Dream,” Long Island University: Brooklyn, April 3-5, 1997.

Conference Director: “Paul Robeson: Life and Legacy” at Long Island University: Brooklyn, February 28, 1998.

Conference Director: “Brooklyn: A City Apart--100 Years of Amalgamation”, Long Island University, October 21-23, 1998

Conference and Co-Director and Keynote Speaker: "The History and Cultural Significance of Basketball,” St. Francis College, November 2-3, 2001

Road Scholars/Elder-Hostels: “Jewish Humor,” Educational Alliance, October 1997, October 1998, July 1999, July 2000; "Hank Greenberg & Jackie Robinson," July 2000;  “Jews  in Popular Culture,” Block & Hexter, August 2006, “New York City History” Block & Hexter, July 2007, “Catskill Comedy” Kislak, August 2008, June 2009, Block & Hexter, July 2009. “New York City History.” New Yorker Hotel, 2009-10; “Where Comedy Went to School.” Block & Hester, August 2011

Florida Atlantic University at Boca Raton, Lifelong Learning: “When Comedy Went to School.” Jan. 8, 2015, “Hank Greenberg, Joe DiMaggio and Jackie Robinson: Baseball’s Ethnic Heroes,” Jan. 14, 2016

Speakers in the Humanities Program: New York Council for the Humanities

“Political Humor: A Look back in Anger Mixed with Mirth,” November 2008 to September, 2015

“Where Comedy Went to School,” December 2009 to Sept. 1915 when program ended.