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Monique Jackson-Howard

Adjunct Assistant Professor

B.S. – Information Technology, LIU Brooklyn M.S. – Computers in Applications, LIU Brooklyn


20 plus years of experience in education and instructional technology in public, private and government sectors. Extensive background in technical support where instructional technology is implemented to facilitate research, teaching and learning initiatives. Instructional technology experience also includes coordinating and hosting workshops and conferences on production, business and presentational tools from a theoretical and practical perspective. Workshops and conferences range from introducing proprietor tools to web 2.0 tools and social media components.


LMS front-end systems administrator
Instructional Technology Workshop Coordinator/Facilitator

Adjunct Assistant Professor:
School of Business, Public Administration and Information Science (SBPAIS) – Computer Science Microsoft Office Series, Business Fundamentals of MIS, MPA Computers in Applications, MBA Business Intelligence

Adjunct Professor:
LIM – Marketing, Management and Finance/Business Spreadsheet

Medgar Evers/BMCC Continuing Studies – Microsoft Office Series

Collaborate with administrators to revamped various undergraduate and graduate inter-disciplinary programs for the School of Business, Public Administration & Information Science.

Lectures and Presentations

Teaching with Technology Institute (TTI)

Blended and Online Basics/Advance: Blackboard”

Overviews the fundamentals of navigating the Blackboard environment to demonstrate the usage of essential course tools for: content delivery, communication, group collaboration, assessment and the integration of web 2.0 tool to host supplemental content; also demonstrates course customization for knowledge organization.

Connecting with Students Using Online Discussion

Forum is designed to help you get the most out of your online Discussion whether you are teaching online, blended or web-facilitated courses.  Topics focus on how to plan for, execute, and assess effective online discussions, as well as on how to establish guidelines for lively discussions, manage your workload, create rubrics for online discussions, and evaluate the quality of your students’ work.  Additional topics present ice-breakers, netiquette, and various models of teacher presence.


“Faculty Show and Tell Showcase”

A showcase of instructional technological methods that have been implemented – by LIU Faculty – into curriculum: a forum for information sharing and networking.

“Introduction to WebCT”

Immersed workshops that introduce knowledge-based skills in the design and hosting of online courses.  Presentation offers a strategic approach to enhancing or supplementing traditional pedagogical practices.

“Introduction to Impatica”

Introduce and demonstrate strategic methods for hosting and streaming multimedia content over the Internet.

“Promoting Online Interactions with Students: Blogs, Wikis and Journals”

Forum is designed to expand your thinking about the wide-range of communication tools available in Blackboard by overviewing the differences between wikis, blogs, and journals; also presents best-practices of how, when, where and why to use a specific tool.

“Teaching and Learning in the Web 2.0 Era”

Demonstrating the integration of web 2.0 tools to facilitate a web-enhanced, blended or fully online classroom environment.  Presentation offered a short primer on the kinds of applications available, advice for best pedagogical practice, and examples of how others – within LIU and beyond – implemented and utilized new approaches to address the needs and preferences of a diverse student population.

“Technology Integration”

“Course Management Systems: WebCT, Moodle and Blackboard: Side-by-Side Analysis”

“Web 2.0”

Technical Architecture: Designing and Building Courses for our 21st Century Students

“Assessing and Surveying: Uses of New Course Management System”

An overview on the quiz and survey features in Blackboard’s assessment module.

Teaching with Technology Institute (TTI)

“Engagement Assessment/Assessment Engagement”

Methodical approaches to assessing student progress and participation in Blackboard

“PPT Narrative Podcast”

Converting PowerPoint presentations into narrative podcasts using Acrobat Presenter

“Promoting Academic Integrity with SafeAssign”

Overview and demonstrate the integrated SafeAssign plagiarism tool in the Blackboard Course Management System.

“Spreadsheet Development”

“Database Management”

“Technology Etiquette”

Provost Professional Development

Teaching and Learning Institute (TLI)


Exploring strategies and shared ideas about student interaction with electronic devices in the classroom; as well as exploring best practices for implementing social media to enhance instruction.


  • NYS Teaching License
  • New Horizon MS Office Certificate

Licensure & Certifications

  • MOUS
  • NYS Teaching License
  • New Horizon MS Office Certificate