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Reem Khamis

Professor and Academic Program Director, Communication Sciences and DisordersDirector, Culture, Language, and Society in Speech-Language Pathology Lab (CLaS in SLP)

Ph.D. Speech and Language Pathology, Teachers College, Columbia University, Dissertation: The Development of Diglossic Morphosyntax in Palestinian-Arabic speaking Children. (2002-2007) M.S. Communication Disorders (2000). Department of Communication Disorders, Tel-Aviv University. Thesis: Acquisition of SVO and VSO sentences in Palestinian Arabic. (1995-2000) B.A. Communication Disorders (1995). Department of Communication Disorders, Tel Aviv University. (1992-1995); B.A., M.A., Speech-Language Pathology, City College of New York; Ph.D., Speech-Language Pathology, New York University


Reem Khamis is Professor of Speech-Language Pathology and director of the Culture, Language, and Society in Speech Language Pathology Lab (CLaS in SLP) at Long Island University. Dr. Khamis is a member of the Speech, Language, Hearing Scientists Equity Action Collective. She is a member of Speech, Language, Hearing Scientists Equity Action Collective and recipient of the 2020 Excellence in Diversity Award from the Council of Academic Programs in Communication Sciences and Disorders. She is also a managing editor and founder of Journal of Critical Study of Communication and Disability, an interdisciplinary, peer-reviewed, open access journal published by Adelphi University Libraries designed to provide a forum for research, theory, practice, policy, curriculum, and community-based engagement from a critical lens related to communicators who are marginalized and/or pathologized. She also serves as editor of the language sectionfor the Journal of Speech, Language, and Hearing Research


Her area of expertise focuses on language development, processing, and clinical services that centers on language variation in diverse populations, including Arabic-English bilinguals and diglossic/bidialectal speakers of spoken dialect and “standard” dialect, from a strength position. She reframed the interprofessional curriculum and professional standards in education programs in speech therapy through an anti-racist lens, adding pedagogical resources to support development and implementation of antiracist, interprofessional curriculum and professional standards in education programs in speech therapy. Can we include a little blurb about each person- courses taught, areas of research, etc.


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