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Laurie Lehman

Laurie R. Lehman

Associate Professor of Special Education

B.A., Clark UniversityM.A., Arizona State UniversityPh.D., New York University


Laurie Lehman is an associate professor of special education in the Department of Teaching and Learning at Long Island University’s Brooklyn Campus. Before coming to the Brooklyn Campus in 1992, Dr. Lehman held different positions in the fields of special education and rehabilitation psychology. For example, she directed educational and social programs for people with disabilities and conducted applied research with young adults with disabilities.

Dr. Lehman holds a doctoral degree in special education from New York University and a master’s degree in child development from Arizona State University. She received a bachelor’s degree in psychology and geography from Clark University.

Dr. Lehman is committed to preparing Brooklyn Campus students to work with diverse groups of students with and without disabilities. She teaches undergraduate and graduate courses in special education, human development and teacher research, including “Lives of Children” (TAL 811), “Perspectives on Disability” (TAL 803), “Classroom Inquiry I” (TAL 830) and “The Developing Child” (TAL 350).

Dr. Lehman’s scholarship reflects her ongoing interests in inclusive education, the lives of children and adults with disabilities and innovative pedagogy in teacher education. Currently, she is collaborating with Jessica Trubek, the School of Education’s director of school relations and field experiences, and Lauren Wong, a Brooklyn Campus graduate, on a qualitative study of one new teacher’s experience in a New York City public school. She also is investigating the history of disability labeling and its ties to developmental psychology.


Special Education, Teacher Education, Inclusive Education, the Lives of Children and Adults with Disabilities, Innovative Pedagogy in Teacher Education


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