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Philip S. Wong

Director, Ph.D. Program in Clinical PsychologyProfessor of Psychology

Ph.D. University of MichiganSc.B. Brown University


Dr Wong's research explores the implicit emotional and motivational dimensions of personality and psychopathology. He has a variety of clinical interests centered on anxiety and affective disorders. Dr. Wong’s clinical-theoretical orientation combines psychodynamic and cognitive psychology, with emphasis on contemporary ego- psychology, object relations, and self-psychology. He also has longstanding interests in ethnic minority and East Asian American experiences.


Selected Publications
Bermingham, L., Meehan, K.B., Wong, P.S. & Trub, L. (2021). Attachment anxiety and solitude in the age of smartphones. Psychoanalytic Psychology, 38(4), 311-318.

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Nehrig, N., Ho, S.M., & Wong, P.S. (2019). Understanding the Selfobject Needs Inventory: Its relationship to narcissism, attachment, and childhood maltreatment. Psychoanalytic Psychology, 36(1), 53-63.

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Walsh-Messinger, J., Wong, P.S., Antonius, D., McMahon, K., Opler, L.A., Ramirez, P.M., & Malaspina, D. (2018). Sex differences in hedonic judgement of odors in schizophrenia cases and healthy controls. Psychiatry Research, 269, 345-353.

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Wong, P.S. (2017). Book review of China on the Mind, by Christopher Bollas. New York: Routledge. Psychoanalytic Psychology, 34 (2), 260-263.

Professional Affiliations

Member: American Psychological Association; New York State Psychological Association; Asian American Psychological Association; Chinese American Psychoanalytic Association