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Jueman (Mandy) Zhang

Associate Professor of Journalism and Communication Studies Faculty Advisor to Student Newspaper Seawanhaka

M.S., Ph.D., Syracuse UniversityM.A., University of Missouri-ColumbiaB.A., Shanghai International Studies University


Jueman (Mandy) Zhang is an Associate Professor of Journalism and Communication Studies. She specializes in multimedia journalism, social media insights and big data analytics, and media effects and persuasion.

Her research has been published in such journals as Health Communication, JMIR Public Health and Surveillance, Vaccine, and Journal of Product & Brand Management. She has presented papers regularly at the annual conferences of the Association for Education in Journalism and Mass Communication (AEJMC), the National Communication Association (NCA), and the International Communication Association (ICA).

She teaches courses in journalism and social media, multimedia journalism, video journalism, visual communication, and media research. She is the faculty advisor to the student newspaper of Long Island University Brooklyn, Seawanhaka.

Zhang received her Ph.D. in mass communications and M.S. in applied statistics from Syracuse University, M.A. in journalism from University of Missouri-Columbia, and B.A. in English from Shanghai International Studies University.

Previously, she was an Associate Professor at New York Institute of Technology. She worked as a reporter for Shanghai Daily and had experience with NBC.


Multimedia journalism, social media insights and big data analytics, media effects and persuasion.


Selected Publications:

  • Zhang, J., & Wang, Y. (2022). Effectiveness of corporate social responsibility activities during the COVID-19 pandemic. Journal of Product & Brand Management, 31(7), 1063-1076. 

  • Zhang, J., Wang, Y., Wanta, W., Zheng, Q., & Wang, X. (2022). Reactions to geographic visualization of infectious disease outbreaks: An experiment on the effectiveness of data presentation format and past occurrence information. Public Health, 202, 106-122. 

  • Zhang, J., Wang, Y., Shi, M., & Wang, X. (2021). Factors driving popularity and virality of COVID-19 vaccine discourse on Twitter: Text mining and data visualization study. JMIR Public Health and Surveillance, 7(12), e32814. 

  • Wang, Y., Shi, M., & Zhang, J. (2021). What public health campaigns can learn from people’s Twitter reactions on mask-wearing and COVID-19 vaccines: A topic modeling approach. Cogent Social Sciences, 7(1). 
  • Zhang, J., Wang, Y., Wu, Y., Wang, X., & Buck, R. (2017). A study of the Malaysia Airlines’

missing flight crisis: News frames, crisis emotions, negative behavioral intentions, corporate reputation, and country image. In L. Austin & Y. Jin (Eds.), Social media and crisis communication (pp. 209-223). New York: Routledge.

  • Zhang, J., Chen, G. M., Chock, T. M., Wang, Y., Ni., L., & Schweisberger, V. (2016). A psychophysiological study of processing HIV/AIDS PSAs: The effects of novelty appeals, sexual appeals, narrative versus statistical evidence form, and viewer's sex. Health Communication, 31(7), 853-862. 
  • Han, G., & Zhang, J. (2015). New communication platform, message valence, and health risk: Does social networking media matter in understanding painkiller use? Journal of Consumer Health on the Internet, 19(3-4), 161-183.

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  • Zhang, J., Chock, T. M., Chen, G. M., Schweisberger, V., & Wang, Y. (2014). Persuasiveness of HIV/AIDS public service announcements as a function of argument quality, personal relevance, and evidence form. Social Behavior and Personality, 42(10), 1603-1612. 
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  • Han, G., Zhang, J., Chu, K., & Shen, G. (2013). Self-other differences in H1N1 risk perception in a global context: A comparative study between the United States and China. Health Communication, 29(2), 109-123.