Technology, Innovation, and Computer Science

B.S. in Computer Science

The 120-credit B.S. in Computer Science degree focuses on the concepts and techniques used in the design and the development of advanced software systems, network designs and applications. Students in this program explore the conceptual foundations of computer science – its fundamental algorithms, programming languages, operating systems and software engineering techniques. In addition, they can choose from innovative electives, including artificial intelligence, database systems, graphical user interfaces, web development, e-commerce and computer networks, and system and network administration among others. As with the introductory sequence, these advanced courses stress hands-on learning.

Graduates of the B.S. in Computer Science program have gone on to highly successful careers with Bloomberg, JPMorgan Chase, Accenture, MTA, DOT, New York City government agencies, Con Edison, NYU Medical Center, and other technology-based corporations.

Check out the LIU Brooklyn Undergraduate Bulletin to learn about degree requirements, course descriptions, and more.


School of Business, Public Administration & Information Sciences

Ray Pullaro, Dean