Sport Management

This minor will provide students with a solid background in general business functions as well as an understanding of specific topics that are relevant to careers in the sport industry. These topics include sports marketing, event and facilities management, branding, and professional selling skills.

Program of Study (15 credits):

Required Courses (6 credits)

  • BUS 101 Introduction to Business
  • SPS/MAN 176 Introduction to Sport Management

Advanced Courses – Select any three courses from the following: (9 credits)

  • MKT 344 Sports Marketing
  • SPS/MKT 377 Branding in Sports Culture
  • SPS/MAN 386 Sports Facilities and Events Management
  • MKT 341/SPS 382 Professional Selling/Management for Sport
  • MKT 350/SPS 350 Legal Aspects of Sport Management
  • MKT 352/SPS 352 Public and Media Relations in Sport