Clinic Policies

Non-Discrimination Statement


Long Island University is committed to maintaining a learning and working environment that is free of bias, prejudice, discrimination and harassment and an environment that supports, nurtures, and rewards career and educational advancement purely on the basis of ability and performance. Discrimination or harassment based upon race, color, religion, genetic information, sexual orientation, gender and/or gender identity or expression, marital or parental status, national origin, ethnicity, citizenship status, veteran or military status, age, disability or any other legally protected basis is prohibited by law and undermines the character and purpose of the University. Such discrimination or harassment is illegal, against University policy, and will not be tolerated.

This policy covers all members of the University community – students, faculty and staff – as well as those who interact with members of the University community such as vendors or visitors. The University encourages everyone to report all incidents of discrimination or harassment, regardless of who the offender may be.