Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need a referral for your clinic?

A referral is not required for servicers in our clinic.  However, you should speak with your insurance provider as they may require a referral to provide reimbursement to you.

My child has already been enrolled in speech therapy elsewhere, would your clinic need to do a new evaluation

If your evaluation is less than 12-months old, we can begin services utilizing the findings from your most current evaluation.  However, we may recommend having an updated evaluation done at in the near future.  If the most recent evaluation is over 12-months old, we would recommend having an updated evaluation completed as soon as possible.  Diagnostic assessment can also be done in the context of the therapy sessions in the interim.

What advantages does your clinic serve opposed to other speech clinics?

The Downtown Brooklyn Speech, Language & Hearing Clinic offers an array of specialty services.  Our certified SLP’s work together with our dynamic and creative graduate clinicians to analyze and reflect upon each treatment session.  As a result, goals and strategies are finely tuned to match the needs of the client. They work together to keep you updated on progress every step of the way. The Downtown Brooklyn Speech, Language & Hearing Clinic provides services at an affordable cost and our Clinic also has a wide range of appointment days and times available. Our Clinic also provides assessments at “no cost” if you choose to continue with your services here following an evaluation and/or are a current client in our Clinic. 

Am I able to observe or sit in the room with my child?

We encourage our parents/caregivers to observe sessions outside of the treatment rooms.  The clinic has an audio/visual system that allows parents/caregivers to observe the therapy session in real time. Parents/caregivers are certainly permitted in the therapy room when/if necessary.

How do you involve the parents with progress of therapy?

SLP’s and graduate clinicians report the progress to the parent/caregiver at the end of each session.  They also communicate with parents via email as necessary.  “Semester Summaries” are completed every 12-14 weeks providing a detailed summary of progress and recommendations for the client. SOAP notes (SLP format of note taking) are completed after each session and notes are also available to parents if requested. Parents are also given the option to receive additional exercises/practice strategies, worksheets and activities to incorporate therapy goals into everyday life.

What are some expectations after assessment?

Following assessment of any type, specific goals are either set or existing goals are modified as needed by the SLP and graduate clinician. During individual sessions, the progress of each client is closely monitored and data is collected to track the advancement of goals within each session. Goals and strategies are adjusted as needed. 

Is a hearing evaluation also a part of the evaluation?

A hearing screenings is typically conducted during an evaluation.  However, if a client requires a full hearing evaluation, the evaluation will be scheduled as a separate appointment with our audiologist.

Can I pick the therapist my child will be working with?

If a specific SLP has openings that work for your schedule, we will certainly do our very best to accommodate your request.  However, we can’t accommodate specific requests when the schedule does not permit.

Am I able to set up payment plans?

Yes, you can certainly set up payment plans with our Clinic Manager.

What does it mean to be a “teaching program?”

Teaching programs exist to train future clinicians in specific fields.  Our licensed and certified SLP’s have been working in the field for many years and are equipped to provide training opportunities to our graduate clinicians while at the same time providing exceptional treatment to our clients.  Our clients are our first priority.  Our SLP’s provide graduate clinicians with the level of independence that best suites the needs of the client.

Do you have a waitlist?  If so, how long should I expect to be on the list before a slot would open up for therapy? 

We try our best to accommodate the scheduling needs of our clients.  When we can’t accommodate, we do keep a waitlist.  As sessions open up, we inquire with clients on the list to find out if they are still interested in services and if so, do the openings available work for their schedule.  The wait time can vary from 4-6 weeks to longer depending on the time flexibility of the clients and availability of the SLP’s. 

Can I refuse to have my child videotaped and observed by others?

Yes, although we strongly encourage you to allow for videotaping.  The videos are only used for teaching purposes and are extremely helpful to SLP and graduate clinician with the data collection process.  The videos are used to analyze and reflect upon the success of the session and how future sessions can be planned to increase success with the goals being addressed.  If you do not agree with being videotaped and observed you can make the decision to opt out of this.

Is there parking available in the area? Do clients receive a parking pass?

Clients do not typically receive parking passes but the area has several parking lots and parking spots. Accommodating requests for parking pass permits can be made by speaking with the Clinic Manager with Clinic Director approval.