BS Communications

BS Communications

Our Bachelor of Science in Communications is designed to provide the knowledge and skills needed for careers in today’s expanding media world.

Graduating with this new Bachelor of Science degree will prepare you for employment in a wide range of private and non-profit sector businesses that increasingly require a diverse set of communications skills. These could include broadcast and film production organizations, publishing and public relations firms, and internet and social media companies.

The program provides technical experiences in the creation of digital moving images, electronic journalism, audio technology, as well as the fundamentals of researching, reporting, and writing, across many media platforms. The project-based curriculum is structured to develop creative capacities in both individual and group work, foster critical thinking, and cultural awareness, helping to prepare students to live in today’s multi-faceted society.

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Program Curriculum

Course # Course Name Credits
Required Communications (12 courses, 36 credits)
BDST 6 Intermediate Television production:studio 3
BDST 11 Production Essentials: Audio 3
CIN 6 Basic Motion Picture Production 3
CIN 12 Basic Editing and Sound 3
CMA 10 Media Law and Ethics 3
COMM 1 Cross-Media Communications: Introduction to Critical Models  3
COMM 2 Research Methods 3
JOU 3 Basic Reporting  3
JOU 5 Writing for Radio, TV and Web 3
PR 2 Writing and Editing for Public Relations I 3
BDST 30 Producing: Concept to Audience 3
PR 38 Social Media Tools 3
Required Writing Course 
Choose one (3 credits) from the following: 
JOU 4 Beat Reporting 3
CIN 9 Screenwriting I  3
Required Production Course
Choose one (3 credits) from the following: 
BDST 46 Web Video Production  3
CIN 24 Video Documentary Workshop II 3
BDST 27 Applied TV 
Communications Electives 
Choose two (6 credits) from the following:
BDST 4 Digital Audio Production  3
BDST 25 Intermediate Television: Field Production 3
CIN 4 Major Figures in the Cinema 3
COMM 87 Internship 3
JOU 20 Photojournalism 3
JOU 52 Interviewing Skills for Media 3
PR 36 Marketing for Media 3
Communications Capstone Requirements (6 credits) 
COMM 91 Capstone I 3
COMM 92 Capstone 2 3

Course # Course Name Credits
Required Core Courses 
(32-33 Credits)
POST 101 Post Foundations 1
FY First-Year Seminar 3
ENG 1** Writing 1 3
ENG 2** Writing 2 3
MTH 5 Quantitative Reasoning 3-4 
Choose one course from each of the five below course clusters and one additional course from one of the clusters.
Scientific Inquiry & the Natural World
Creativity Media & the Arts 3
Perspectives on World Culture 3
Self, Society & Ethics 3
Power, Institutions & Structures (ECO 10 Required) 3
One additional course from one of the five above clusters. (ECO 11 Required) 3
General Elective (3 Credits from Any Course)

* Some courses may count as core and others as electives.

** In addition to ENG 1 and 2, students take at least 3 more writing intensive (WAC) courses as part of their major, core, or elective courses.  ENG 303 and 304 can satisfy the ENG 1 and 2 requirement for students in the Honors College.

Credit Requirements
Total Major Requirement Credits 57
Total Core Requirement Credits 32-33
Free Electives  30
Total Degree Credits 120

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