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Shahla Ahdout

Associate Professor of Mathematics

B.S., Arya-Mehr UniversityPh.D., Massachusetts Institute of Technology


I received a bachelor’s degree from Arya-Mehr University and a Ph.D. from MIT in mathematics. I was a research fellow at the Institute for Advanced Study in Princeton, N.J., for one year followed by another year of research at the Mathematical Science Research Institute in Berkeley, Calif. I continued my work as an assistant professor in the Mathematics Department at UC Berkeley for two years before joining LIU Post in 1985.


Analysis and Geometry


  • Co-author, “Reduction To Normal Form of a Self-Adjoint Linear Transformation with respect to a Pseudo-Unitary or a Pseudo-Euclidean Inner Product,” published in Revista Colombiana De Mathematics
  • Co-author, “Streaks and Generalized Fibonacci Sequences,” published in The College Mathematics Journal
  • Co-author, “Additive Subgroups of the Plane,” published in the Australian Mathematical Society Gazette
  • Co-author “Maximal Protori in Compact Topological Groups,” published in the Annals New York Academy of Sciences
  • Author, “Fanning Curve of Lagrangian Manifolds and geodesic flow,” published in the Duke Mathematical Journal
  • Co-author, “Some Spectrally Determined Convex Planner Regions,” published in the Proceedings of National Academy of Sciences
  • Co-author, “Spectral Invariants of Convex Planner Regions,” published in the Journal of Differential Geometry