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Carl Figliola

Carl L. Figliola

Chair, Health Care and Public AdministrationProfessor of Health Care and Public Administration

B.A., Long Island UniversityM.A., Ph.D., New York University


Carl Figliola’s vision has set precedents in health care, government and business for 40 years. A founder and teaching professor of the Department of Health Care and Public Administration, he developed LIU Post’s Masters of Public Administration program and shepherded it to professional accreditation by the National Association of Schools of Public Affairs and Administration. He helped establish the Conference for Minorities in Public Administration, the first private university Small Business Development Center, and helped organize the American Society for Health Care and Public Administration, Long Island chapter. He has served as an academic assistant to the dean of the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences, dean of the School of Health Care and Public Services, university dean of the Faculty of Business, Public Administration and Accountancy, and university director of Governmental Relations. He consults on government relations for universities, hospitals, museums and businesses from mid-size to Fortune 100 companies. He has developed a professional interest in the education of children with special needs and counsels the lighthouse international in program development for children and adults with new vision. Dr. Figliola was a Suffolk County Regional Planning Board member and past president of the Queens Library Foundation.  He was selected to serve on the New York City Charter Review Commission by former Mayor Rudolph Giuliani. He worked and traveled with the Mayor during his presidential campaign in 2008. Dr. Figliola holds a Ph.D. with distinction in American Political Institutions from New York University.

Teaching Experience

Professor, Department of Health Care and Public Administration, Long Island University/C.W. Post Campus, 1982-present

Associate Professor, Department of Public Administration, C.W. Post Campus/ Long Island University, 1976-1981

Assistant Professor, Department of Public Administration, C.W. Post Campus/ Long Island University, 1972-1976

Instructor, Department of Political Science, C.W. Post Campus/ Long Island University, 1971-1972

Adjunct Instructor, Newark State College, 1970-1971

Teaching Assistant, New York University, 1970

Adjunct Instructor, Long Island University/ Brooklyn Campus, 1969

Long Island University Administration Experience

Chair, Department of Health Care & Public Administration, C.W. Post Campus/Long Island University, 1989-1997, 2009 to present. 

University Director of Government Relations, C.W. Post Campus/ Long Island University, 1988- 1989

University Dean, Faculty Business, Public Administration and Accountancy, Long Island University, 1984 - 1988

Dean, School of Health and Public Service, C.W. Post Campus/ Long Island University, 1981- 1984


Government Relations, Management, Public Policy, Principles of Public Administration, Public Policy, Organization Theory and Behavior, and Current Issues.

Professional Accomplishments

St. George’s University (2014 – Present): Assist Dean of Clinical Studies to place qualified medical students into two (2) rotations at teaching hospitals in the United States.  Work with the hospitals in developing appropriate teaching initiatives. Work with the faculty and staff of St. George’s University Medical School to help develop curriculum and new programming for global public health studies. Attend an annual conference at St. George’s University in Grenada.  Present proposals that address programing and student needs at meetings of physicians and university personnel. Work with the Dean of Clinical Studies in monitoring student performance. Help monitor the placement of students to see how they measured on medical exams for placement as residents. Attend and present at New York annual workshop with medical staff, instructors and administrators to monitor and review school progress in national exams. Assist medical students who wish to move to other programs such as physician assistants and develop new professional paths.

Alphapointe (2014 – 2017): Assisted the Lighthouse in developing its programming for people with limited or no vision. Assisted in the merger between The Lighthouse of New York and the Jewish Guild into a new managed care facility named The Lighthouse Guild. Developed a strategic plan for the merger of the New York City Industries for the Blind (NYCIB) with Alphapointe. Currently developing a new building in New York City to house Alphapointe (NYCB) and maintain the employment of 200 low vision and blind employees.

New York City Economic Development Corporation: Helped underwrite a $19.1 million bond issue for the purchase, modernization and remodeling of a new building for light manufacturing.

Steven S. Hornstein Center for Policy, Polling, and Analysis (2015): Coordinated the Steven S. Hornstein Center for Policy, Polling, and Analysis at LIU Post Cyber Security Conference, April 27, 2015 Panel Discussion. Contributor and participant in discussion on today’s information economy and keeping data secure on all levels of government and the private sector.

Department of Commerce: Designate the University as a Minority Women’s Business Institute 1985-1986.

Additional Projects: Dr. Figliola is currently working with several 501c3 schools and special needs programs to relocate into the new Alphapointe Queens facility, which is a $25 million project, as well as working with New York City agencies and government to provide funding for Alphapointe’s projects. Dr. Figliola established the first Small Business Development Center for a private university, which currently assists 500 clients in developing business in New York City and is funded by the Small Business Administration and New York State, 1986 to present. He has also created a Center on Aging to coordinate policy and administrative programs to advance the study and management of the elderly, which has been funded by New York State, 1987-present. He has also created a Center of Management Analysis to provide management assistance to public, private and non-profit organizations.