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Syed Muhammad Ishraque Osman

Associate Professor of Data Analytics

B.S., M.S. University of DhakaM.S. Barcelona Graduate School of Economics Ph.D. Texas Tech Univeristy


Syed Muhammed Osman is a professor of Data Analytics at Long Island University where he teaches both graduate and undergraduate courses. Prior to LIU, Dr. Osman worked at Amazon as an Economist. Dr. Osman earned his Ph.D. in Economics at Texas Tech University. His research interests include machine learning and causal inference, forecasting, business data science, labor economics, international economics/Finance, and immigration and crime.


Sakib, Nazmus, and Syed Muhammad Ishraque Osman. "Syrian refugee influx and the rise of far-right rhetoric: a quasi-experimental investigation." European Politics and Society (2019): 1-13.


La Caixa Scholarship for Foreign Students at Barcelona GSE 2011

Texas Tech Leadership Award 2014

(Awarded by Texas Tech Alumni Association for contribution to Association of Bangledeshi Scholars and Students)