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Dennis Pahl

Dennis Pahl

Professor of English

B.A., University at Albany, State University of New YorkM.A., Ph.D., University at Buffalo, State University of New York


Professor of English at LIU Post since 1990, Dennis Pahl is the author of “Architects of the Abyss: The Indeterminate Fictions of Poe, Hawthorne, and Melville” (U. of Missouri Press, 1989) and has published numerous scholarly articles on American literature in such journals as Criticism, Studies in Short Fiction, The Edgar Allan Poe Review, Poe Studies, Texas Studies in Literature and Language, Literature Interpretation Theory (LIT) and Studies in the Humanities. His scholarship also has appeared in books of critical essays on Henry James and Poe. Dr. Pahl received a grant from the National Endowment of the Humanities and was awarded a Fulbright Fellowship to teach American literature at Haifa University (Israel). He has participated in numerous conferences in the United States and has presented papers at Oxford University and at The American University in Paris. Dr. Pahl has served on the editorial boards of two journals—The Edgar Allan Poe Review and Confrontation.


19th-century American literature, Poe, Melville, Henry James, Contemporary Critical Theory, the Slave Narrative, American Autobiography, the Gothic novel


Author, "Poe's Faltering Economies: A Response to Hannes Bergthaller" published in Connotations (2014)

Author, "Architects of the Abyss: The Indeterminate Fictions of Poe, Hawthorne, and Melville" (1989)

Author, "Henry James and the Anxiety of Poe's Influence: The Example of Roderick Hudson," published in Poe Writing/Writing Poe (2012)

Author, “Sounding the Sublime: Poe, Burke, and the (Non)Sense of Language,” published In Poe Studies (2009)

Author, “Poe’s Sublimity: The Role of Burkean Aesthetics,” published in the Edgar Allan Poe Review (2006)

Author, “Ethical Dimensions in James’s Art of Criticism; or, Engaging the Other in ‘The Figure in the Carpet,’” presented at The American University in Paris

Author, “James’s Unintentioned ‘Decentering’ in the Text of The Aspern Papers,” published in Henry James: A Study of the Short Fiction

Author, “The Gaze of History in ‘Benito Cereno,’” published in Studies in Short Fiction (1995)

Author, “De-Composing Poe’s ‘Philosophy,” published in Texas Studies in Language and Literature (1996)

Author, “Poe/Script: The Death of the Author in The Narrative of Arthur Gordon Pym,” published in the New Orleans Review (1987)

Author, “Rediscovering Byron: Poe’s `The Assignation,’” published in Criticism (1984)

Author, “Framing Poe: Fictions of Self and Self-Containment,” published in Studies in the Humanities (1993)

Author, “Going Down with Henry James’s Uptown Girl: Genteel Anxiety and the Promiscuous World of Daisy Miller,” published in Literature Interpretation Theory (2001)

Author, “Lighting Out for the Territory Ahead: Responding Otherwise to the Past,” published in Confrontation

Author, “Godard’s Alphaville: A Journey through Filmic Space,” published in Occasional Papers in Philosophy

Author, chapbook stories and other short fiction including “Prelude 15,” "Departure," “Couples,” “The Applicant,” “The Mule” and “Four Tales of Hope and Melancholy”

Works of Fiction

Author, “Taste for Revenge” (fiction), forthcoming, Offbeat Literary Journal, Michigan State U.

Author, “The Masterpiece” (fiction), Queen Mob’s Teahouse, November 27, 2019.

Author, “Mustache” (fiction), Fleas on the Dog Publishing, online, July 2019.

Author, “The Meaning of Life” (fiction), Epiphany Magazine, Fall-Winter, 2018, 140-146.

Author, “Yerkovitz’s Big Idea” (short fiction), Vestal Review, No. 51, Summer 2018. Print.

Author, “The Man in the Suitcase” (short story), Leopardskin & Limes, June 2018. Online.

Author, “Touring” (short story), published in Confrontation, Issue 121, Spring 2017: 62-68.

Author, Orlov & Friends (5 works of fiction), Feral Press, Oyster Bay, NY, 2015


  • Recipient, Fulbright Fellowship in Teaching, Haifa, Israel
  • Recipient, National Endowment of the Humanities Fellowship


“The Concertgoer,” film producer, 2022.

“A Bite Out of Crime,” screenplay writer, 2020.

“The Museum of Lost Things,” film producer, 2018. Awarded “best story” at the Long Island International Film Expo and other awards at the Madrid International Film Festival.


  • Member, Modern Language Association
  • Member, Henry James Society
  • Member, The Edgar Allan Poe Society