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Wendy Ryden

Wendy Ryden

Coordinator, Writing Across the CurriculumProfessor of English

B.A., Drew UniversityM.F.A., Brooklyn CollegePh.D., The Graduate Center, CUNY


Composition and Rhetoric, especially Critical Pedagogy/Literacy; Cultural Rhetoric (including critical whiteness studies, working class studies, and rhetoric of emotion); Creative Nonfiction and Theory of the Essay; First-Person Writing and Subjectivity, Writing and Healing


  • Author, “Gateau of Baklava: the Price of Pastry in Voltaire’s Philosophical Narrative,” published in Explicator
  • Author, “Writing in Anger: Emotions and the Revision Process in Writing Across the Curriculum,” published in “Sustaining Excellence in Communicating Across the Curriculum: Cross Institutional Experiences and Best Practices”
  • Author, “Bourgeois Realism or Working-Class Kitsch? The Aesthetics of Class in Composition,” published in Open Words: Access and English Studies
  • Author, “Moving Whiteness: Rhetoric and Political Emotion,” published in disClosure: a Journal of Social Theory
  • Author, “Reception and Audience in Life Writing and Healing,” published in “Life Writing: Autobiography, Biography and Travel Writing in Contemporary Literature”
  • Author, “Unsentimental Testimony: The Critical Potential of Working-Class Student Life Writing,” published in Storytelling: A Critical Journal of Popular Narrative
  • Author, “Conflicted Literacy: Frederick Douglass’s Critical Model,” published in the Journal of Basic Writing
  • Author, “Stories of Illness and Bereavement: Audience and Subjectivity in the Therapeutic Narrative,” published in Storytelling, Self, Society
  • Author, “Conflict and Kitsch: the Politics of Politeness in the Writing Class,” published in “A Way to Move: Rhetorics of Emotion and Composition Studies”
  • Author, “Bodies in the Age of Mechanical Reproduction: Competing Discourses of Reality and Representation in Bioy Casares’s ‘The Invention of Morel,’” published in Atenea
  • Author, “How Soft Is Process? The Feminization of Comp and Pedagogies of Care,” published in Journal of Basic Writing
  • Co-author, “Interrogating the Monologue: Making Whiteness Visible,” published in College Composition and Communication
  • Co-author, “Assessing Our Assessments,” published in the Journal of Basic Writing
  • Author, “The Divided Self in ‘Lélia,’” published in “The World of George Sand”
  • Author, “Scavengers,” published in “An Intricate Weave: Women Write about Girls”
  • Author, “Best Intentions,” published in Happy
  • Author, “Sunset,” published in Anathema Review
  • Author, “Real Life,” published in “Scratching the Surface: Cancer as a Women’s Issue”
  • Author, “A Family Game,” published in “The One You Call Sister”
  • Author, “Ritual,” published in Sagewoman
  • Author, “When Eva Boa Went Crazy,” published in Heresies


  • Associate Chair, Assembly for Expanded Perspectives on Learning (AEPL)
  • Editorial Board Member, Journal of Basic Writing
  • Editorial Board Member, Confrontation Magazine
  • Executive Board Member, C.W. Post Collegial Federation
  • Member, LIU Teaching and Learning Initiative Advisory Committee