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Bette E. Schneiderman

Associate Professor of Education, Information, and TechnologiesAssociate Professor in Palmer School of Library and Information SciencesCo-Director, Design, Systems and Learning for the 21st Century
Co-Director, Educational Technology Programs

B.A., Syracuse University – History of Art in Liberal ArtsM.A., Syracuse University - EducationPh.D., Hofstra University - Counseling, Psychology and Research in Education


Bette E. Schneiderman's expertise is in technology, quantitative and qualitative research methodology, education, and fine arts in liberal arts. Her interest is in the building of learning communities where all participants are valued, respected, and take meaningful action and in which learning has purpose and is deeply sustaining. The communities include new forms of organizational structures and systems, varied and complex systems of people/information/resources, self-actualizing learning, personal mastery, culture building, and new forms of collaborative leadership, assessment, and research.  The focus of her work over the past twenty years has been on the development of master's degree program in educational technology and in the creation of a link from the University to cultural and community organizations (originally the Electronic Educational Village, and now woven into Design, Systems and Learning for the 21st century, called DSL21). Both the master's degree program and the outreach entities are reform efforts, transforming teaching and learning systems for our future while using powerful technology tools. Learning is constructivist and learner-centered. Transcending traditional boundaries of time and space, new learning organizations are created. Dr. Schneiderman's work is grounded in experiential learning and knowledge building. She strives to find optimal balances between what can powerfully be done with technologies and what seems best done off-the-computer. Humanity is not sacrificed, but rather drives the model and thrives in it.

Dr. Schneiderman's focus is anchored in the past and today but always seeking to create a desired future. In her future, she will study aesthetics, creativity, ways of knowing, new systems of conducting and using research, and the impact of technology on teaching and learning. She will continue to build the learning communities she is helping others to create.

Bette E. Schneiderman has been faculty in the School of Education at Long Island University since September 1990 and has been jointly appointed as faculty in the School of Education and The Palmer School of Library and Information Sciences since September 1996. She was Co-Chair of the Department of Educational Technology in the School of Education from September 1993 to August 2010. Since August 2010, Educational Technology faculty joined the Department of Curriculum and Instruction in the now called College of Education, Information, and Technology (CEIT).


Educational Technologies
Cultural and Community Outreach