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Joseph Sanacore

Professor of EducationDoctoral Adviser

B.A., Adelphi UniversityM.A., New York University; M.S., C.W. Post Campus, Long Island University; P.D., Hofstra UniversityEd.D., Hofstra University


Dr. Joseph Sanacore is a journalist, researcher, and professor at Long Island University, Post Campus, Brookville, N.Y.  He served as Literacy Program Director for the Annenberg and Rockefeller Foundations’ Comprehensive School Reform Collaboration among LIU Post, Yale University School Development Program, and ethnic minority school districts.  He also has published more than 100 articles, essays, and book chapters.  His publications have appeared in The New York Times, Newsday, Education Week, Advancing Women in Leadership, Truthout, The Chronicle of Higher Education, Diverse Issues in Higher Education, Encounter: Education for Meaning and Social Justice, The Educational Forum, The Clearing House, Childhood Education, High School Journal, NASSP Bulletin, Phi Delta Kappan, Educational Leadership, International Journal of Progressive Education, Preventing School Failure, Journal of Adolescent and Adult Literacy, The Reading Teacher, Literacy Today, Language Arts, Reading Research and Instruction, Reading and Writing Quarterly, Journal of Clinical Reading, Intervention in School and Clinic, Reading Psychology, and Teacher Librarian.  Dr. Sanacore  also authored book chapters in Struggling Adolescent Readers: A Collection of Teaching Strategies, in Process Reading and Writing: A Literature-Based Approach, in More Teens’ Favorite Books, in PROTOTYPES: An Anthology of School Improvement Ideas That Work, in McGraw Hill Annual Editions, in Promising Practices for Urban Reading Instruction, and in American Reading Forum Yearbook.  Furthermore, he coedited the second edition of the best-selling Handbook for the Volunteer Tutor.  During the past decade, his major interests have focused on social justice issues.


Dr. Sanacore’s interests include political rhetoric and critical thinking, content area literacy, children’s literature, literacy for children with disabilities, and first-generation immigrant students.


Dr. Sanacore’s  articles include (but are not limited to):  

Sanacore, J. (2019). Corporate model chipping away at essence of the academy: Five   
issues. Diverse: Issues in Higher Education, 36(12). 

Sanacore, J. (2017). Will Obama’s My Brother’s Keeper and similar initiatives have a 
positive impact on low-income students. The Clearing House, 90(4), 152-158. 

Sanacore, J. (2017, January/February). The root of connection: Meaningful connections     
with students come down to the simple act of caring.  Literacy Today, 8-9.  

Sanacore, J., &Palumbo, A. (2016).  Graduating from college: The impossible dream for   
most first-generation students. International Journal of Progressive Education, 12(2).

Sanacore, J., & Palumbo, A. (2016, March). The plight of most first-generation college    
students.  Diverse: Issues in Higher Education, 33.

Sanacore, J., & Palumbo, A.  (2015, April). A high school diploma doesn’t guarantee   
college success. Commentary: Education Week, 34(28), 22-23, 25.

Sanacore, J., & Palumbo, A. (2015, May). Let’s help first-generation students succeed.   
The Chronicle of Higher Education, LXI(36), A22-A23.

Sanacore, J., & Palumbo, A. (2015, October). The testing frenzy: Buyer beware.  

Sanacore, J., & Palumbo, A. (2015, November). The impossible dream for most first-
generation college students.  Truthout. 

Sanacore, J., & Piro, J. (2014). Multimodalities, neuroenhancement, and literacy 
learning. International Journal of Progressive Education, 10(2), 56-72.

Sanacore, J. (2014). Slow down, you move too fast: Literature circles as reflective 
practice. The Clearing House.

Palumbo, A., & Sanacore, J. (2013). Serious ideas and middle school students. The 
Educational Forum.

Sanacore, J. (2012). Showing children that we care about their literacy learning. 
Preventing School Failure, 56(3), 188-195.  

Sanacore, J. (2010). Connecting rimes to meaningful contexts. Childhood Education, 86, 241-248. 
Sanacore, J., & Palumbo, A. ( 2010).  Middle school students need more opportunities to    
read across the curriculum. The Clearing House, 83. 

Sanacore, J. (2009). Literacy education: The big picture. ENCOUNTER:  Education for 
Meaning and Social Justice, 22, 37-40.
Sanacore, J., & Palumbo, A. (2009). Understanding the fourth-grade   Slump: Our point 
of view. The Educational Forum, 73, 67-74.

Palumbo, A., & Sanacore, J. (2009). Helping struggling middle school literacy learners 
achieve success. The Clearing House, 74, 275-280.

Sanacore, J. (2008). Turning reluctant learners into inspired learners. The Clearing    
House, 82, 40-44. 

Sanacore, J., & Alvermann, D. (2008). Fifteen guidelines for helping non-tenured 
education faculty get published in peer-reviewed journals. American Reading    
Forum Yearbook, 27. 


  • International Literacy Association
  • National Council of Teachers of English
  •  Association for Childhood Education International
  •  ASCD
  •  Editorial Projects in Education
  •  American Reading Forum
  •  Hammill Institute on Disabilities
  •  Kappa Delta Pi