B.A. in Political Science

The 120-credit Bachelor of Science in Political Science is an individualized, interdisciplinary program designed for students interested in a liberal arts approach to the contemporary world. You will graduate from this program with a well rounded knowledge of political theory, American government, international relations, comparative government and public administration. Distinguished professors interact with their students in small class settings that foster the exchange of information, perspective and ideas. Visiting professors from prestigious institutions, including the United Nations, offer insights developed in the course of careers in diplomacy, politics and public policy. A degree in political science is excellent preparation for a career in education, law, public administration, business and many other fields.

Program Curriculum

Required Courses (18 Credits)
Course # Course Name Credits
 POL 2
 Introduction to American Politics 3
 POL 3  Introduction to Political Science 3
 POL 15  Introduction to Research and Writing in Political Science  3
 POL 51  International Relations 3
 POL 64  Introduction to Comparative Politics 3
 One of the Following:
 POL 21   American Political Theory 
 POL 26  European Political Theory I
 POL 27  European Political Theory II
 POL 303  European Political Theory I - Honors Core
 POL 304  European Political Theory II - Honors Core 3
Elective Political Science Courses
Six (6) courses/eighteen (18) credits from all POL courses (excluding POL 95)
 POL 4  Political Psychology  3       
 POL 5  Ethnicity, Race, and Politics 
 POL 7  Political Aspects of Economies
 POL 10  Research Problems in Political Science 
 POL 18   Women and Contemporary Politics 
 POL 19  Political Sociology 
 POL 22  Asian Political Theory 
 POL 23  Modern China: Political Doctrines and Society
 POL 25  Greek Political Theory
 POL 26  European Political Theory I
 POL 27  European Political Theory II
 POL 28  Machiavelli and Machiavellianism:
 The Acquisition, Exercise, and The Maintenance of Power 
 POL 29  Problems in Contemporary Political Theory 
 POL 31  American Constitutional Law I
 POL 32  American Constitutional Law II
 POL 34  Legislative Process 3
 POL 35  The American Judicial Process
 POL 36  Public Opinion 
 POL 37  Political Parties 
 POL 38  Radical Movements and Politics of Change in the United States 
 POL 39  American Government: State and Local 
 POL 40  Women and the Anglo-American Legal Experience 
 POL 41  The Media and the Law 
 POL 42  Law and Aging in America 3
 POL 44  Urban Government
 POL 45  U.S. National Security
 POL 46  Foreign Policy I 
 POL 47  Foreign Policy II
 POL 48  Metropolitan Area Problems
 POL 49  Politics and Personality: The American Context 
 POL 50  International Organization 
 POL 52  Psychological Foundations of International Relations 
 POL 53  International Law I 
 POL 54  International Law II 
 POL 55  Politics of Developing Nations 
 POL 56  World Affairs since 1945
 POL 57  Asian Religions in World Politics
 POL 58  Islam in World Politics
 POL 59  China in World Politics
 POL 62  Research Seminar in International Studies 
 POL 65  Politics of the European Union 
 POL 66  Government and Politics of South and Southeast Asia 
 POL 67  Government and Politics of East Asia 
 POL 68  Government and Politics of Western Europe 
 POL 69  Government and Politics of Eastern Europe 
 POL 70  Government and Politics of the Middle East 
 POL 71  Russian Government and Politics 
 POL 72  Government and Politics of Africa 
 POL 73  Government and Politics of Latin America 
 POL 76  Comparative Analysis of Dictatorships 
 POL 77  Political Elites 
 POL 79  Violence in Contemporary Politics
 POL 80  Administrative Behavior 
 POL 81  Political Leadership in Democratic Parties
 POL 82  Introduction to Public Administration 
 POL 83  Policy-Making in American Government 
 POL 84  The Executive Process
 POL 88  The Contemporary Problems in Public Administration
 POL 90  Senior Seminar in Politics and Government
 POL 93  Political Science Internship I 3
 POL 93A  Political Science Internship II 3
 POL 93B  Political Science Internship III
 POL 93L  Political Science Internship IV 
 POL 94  Political Science Internship II
 POL 94A  Political Science Internship VI  3
 POL 94B  Political Science Internship VII
 POL 94L  Political Science Internship VIII
 POL 97  Public Administration Internship I  
 POL 98  Public Administration Internship II
 POL 303  European Political Theory: Plato and Machiavelli 
 POL 304  European Political Theory: Machiavelli to the Modern World 
 POL 359  Honors Advanced Elective 
 POL 360  Honors Advanced Elective
 POL 400  State, Society, and the Individual: Hoxie Colloquium 

Credit Requirements
Total Major Requirement Credits 24
Elective Major Credits 18
Total Core Requirement Credits 32
Elective Liberal Arts & Sciences Credits 46
Total Degree Credits 120


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