B.A. in Psychology

The 120-credit Bachelor of Arts in Psychology is a popular and versatile undergraduate degree. It can be applied to almost any area of work, including social services, law, human resources, business and government. Courses in this program explore how people learn, what lies behind people’s behavior, how the brain affects behavior, how gender affects development and the different ways in which people interact. Elective courses will introduce you to interesting and relevant topics including forensic psychology, psychosomatics, and industrial and organizational psychology.

Many psychology students become psychologists or enter related professions, but many others work in unrelated fields. Their knowledge of human behavior and development, learned as part of a broad-based liberal arts education, makes them excellent candidates for careers in a wide range of fields such as business, education and government. Recent graduates have continued to graduate school in areas such as Mental Health Counseling, Clinical Psychology, Behavior Analysis, and Physical Therapy. Jobs of recent graduates include working in insurance, working in the field of behavior analysis, and working to help prepare others for higher education.


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