Be an Actuary

What is an Actuary?
Actuaries use mathematics to manage risk at corporations, insurance companies, banks, and other financial institutions.

Why be an Actuary?

  • Actuary is one of the most highly-rated jobs in America, according US News and World Report, the Jobs Rated Almanac, and CNN Money.
  • Actuaries are highly paid and have excellent employment prospects for those who complete the following requirements.

How to Become an Actuary by Studying at LIU Post

  • Take the P/1 actuarial exam given by the Society of Actuaries, covering calculus and probability. Test sites are conveniently located throughout Nassau and Suffolk Counties. To prepare, you should:
  • Take Mathematics 7, 8, 9, 20, and 51 and study on-line materials from the Society of Actuaries as well as written materials available from the Department of Mathematics.
  • After passing P/1, take the FM/2 actuarial exam, covering financial mathematics. To prepare, study on-line materials from the Society of Actuaries.
  • Take Mathematics 23 and 29, Economics 10-11, and Finance 11-12. These LIU Post courses have been specially approved by the Society of Actuaries for Validation by Educational Experience (VEE) credit. After passing these exams and completing these courses, and upon application to the Society of Actuaries, you will be granted VEE credit in the areas of Applied Statistical Methods, Finance, and Economics.

With the P/1 and FM/2 exams and VEE credit, you can be hired by actuarial firms, who then allow you time off to study for the further more specialized actuarial exams while you continue your employment.

Job Interviews
Interviews are arranged through Pryor Associates, a financial placement firm, at no cost to you (arranged through our faculty).

Past Success
Many of our graduates have passed the necessary actuarial examinations and found highly remunerative employment at actuarial organizations throughout the United States.


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