Pre-Law Advisement

The Pre-Law Advisement Program at LIU Post provides students with a full range of academic and career advisement for those who plan to enroll in law school. Admission into a law school requires a bachelor’s degree earned in any area of study. Many students considering careers as attorneys and legal professionals earn a bachelor’s degree in a subject such as English, history, criminal justice, philosophy, political science, economics, public relations, business or education. At LIU Post, we offer more than 100 baccalaureate degree majors, all of which can be adapted to a future career in law. Our academic programs will equip you the outstanding research, writing and critical thinking skills that are necessary to pass law school entrance exams and to gain admittance into law school.

Our pre-law adviser will help you select the most appropriate courses for your undergraduate major to ensure a strong foundation for success in law school. Classes may include “Constitutional Law,” “American History,” “Basic American Government,” “Symbolic Logic” and “Advanced Expository Writing.” As part of the advisement process, you will learn what law school involves and what it is like to work as an attorney. At LIU Post, pre-law advising can begin as early as your freshman year. As you progress through your studies, the pre-law advisor will help you investigate various law schools so you can make the best application choices. You will also receive support in preparing for the Law School Admissions Test (LSAT) and in applying for law school admission. Every student receives individual attention, both from the program director and faculty. Many LIU Post students succeed in gaining admission to leading law schools, both in New York and around the country.

Internships and Career Planning

LIU Post’s award-winning Cooperative Education Office organizes internships that allow you to explore the field of law. Our students intern with Federal District Court judges, Nassau and Suffolk County officials, law firm and legal publishers. These internships often result in valuable recommendations to accompany law school applications.

Club for Pre-Law Students

Students pursuing careers in law will be particularly interested in LIU Post's Pre-Law Association. This student-run organization brings in speakers from the legal world, organizes networking events with practicing lawyers, hosts admissions counselors from various law schools, and provides a support system as students prepare for the LSAT and go through the law school application process. The Pre-Law Association hosts a “Night of Networking,” a popular event where college students are invited to meet and network with practicing attorneys from the metropolitan area.

Career Options

The field of law offers a wide range of career opportunities, including:

  • trial attorney
  • sports agent
  • entertainment lawyer
  • tax counselor
  • environmental lawyer
  • prosecutor
  • corporate counsel
  • legal aid
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