Criminal Justice


B.A. in Criminal Justice

The Bachelor of Arts degree program in Criminal Justice is designed to meet the demands for professionals working in policing, corrections, prosecution and pretrial services, probation, parole, juveniles, public safety, victim services, civil and family courts, homeland security, international security, and other related fields. In addition to our core curriculum, which thoroughly explores the theory and practice of the criminal justice system, you can choose from elective courses that focus on a particular area of interest. The curriculum will expose you to the latest trends in theory and technology that impact criminal justice.

All students receive invaluable, hands-on training in the field of criminal justice.  Students in the Department of Criminal Justice participate in a practicum, interning in a variety of Criminal Justice agencies.

LIU Post alumni are law enforcement officers, federal agents, security officers, prosecutors, corrections counselors, judges, attorneys, private security professionals, homeland security agents, forensic technologists, crime lab technicians, emergency managers, FBI agents and social service professionals. Many of our graduates have gone on to attend law school.

Program Curriculum

Course # Course Name Credits
Required Criminal Justice Courses
(36 Credits)
CACJ 11 Introduction to Criminal Justice 3
CACJ 20 Critical Issues in Criminal Justice 3
Theories of Crime 3
CACJ 30 Gender and the Law 3
CACJ 37 Foundations for Scholarship
CACJ 38 Methods of Criminal Justice Research
CACJ 41 Criminal Law 3
CACJ 44 The Police and Community Relations
CACJ 60 Terrorism
CACJ 68 Correctional Philosophy 3
CACJ 76 Criminal Procedure 3
CACJ 85 Criminal Justice Practicum 3

Liberal Arts and Sciences Electives
(27-28 Credits) 
Required Core Courses
(32 Credits)
POST 101 Post Foundations 1
FY First-Year Seminar 3
ENG 1** Writing 1 3
ENG 2** Writing 2 3
MTH 5 Quantitative Reasoning
Choose one course from each of the five below course clusters and one additional course from one of the clusters.
Scientific Inquiry & the Natural World
Creativity Media & the Arts 3
Perspectives on World Culture 3
Self, Society & Ethics 3
Power, Institutions & Structures (ECO 10 Required) 3
One additional course from one of the five above clusters. (ECO 11 Required) 3

** In addition to ENG 1 and 2, students take at least 3 more writing intensive (WAC) courses as part of their major, core, or elective courses.  ENG 303 and 304 can satisfy the ENG 1 and 2 requirement for students in the Honors College.

Credit Requirements
Total Major Requirement Credits 36
Total Elective Requirement Credits
Total Core Requirement Credits 32
Elective Liberal Arts & Sciences Credits 28
Total Degree Credits 120