Computer Science


Department of Computer Science

A degree in computer science is a professional gateway to a wide range of rewarding careers across countless industries. In our digitally fueled 21st-century marketplace, businesses, governments, and institutions increasingly rely on individuals with the skills and experience to implement technology-based solutions across the web, smartphones, public and private networks, and more. As a computer science major, you will be one of the designers of the future, designing software platforms that may be used by billions of people worldwide.

Undergraduate Program
B.S. in Computer Science

Why Study Information Systems at LIU Post?

  • Discover how Information Systems is incorporated into real-world environments from our acclaimed faculty, which include Dr. Steven G. Heim, author and expert in human-computer interaction and virtual worlds such as Second Life.
  • LIU Post computer labs feature the latest hardware and software platforms as you work directly with systems being used by companies worldwide.
  • Score top internships and job opportunities at NYC companies.

A Wealth of Career Opportunity

Make yourself invaluable to employers: embedded systems, workstation and client/server based applications, mobile operating systems, and gaming applications—all of these are vital to modern life and the 21st-century workplace, and all stem from computer science.